United Tech & Allied Workers at Apple

United Tech & Allied Workers at Apple

👉 White City workers are unionising! 👈

UTAW is the union for Apple workers in the UK. We represent workers across retail, corporate, AppleCare, subsidiaries and allied workers.

We’re a branch of the Communication Workers Union which seeks to represent and fight for workers’ interests in the tech industry.

Our members at Apple are campaigning for fairer pay, better working practices, a healthier work/life balance, better shift patterns, more flexible remote working and more.

We have reps within Apple who can help you to organise where you work, and support you in cases of disciplinary or grievance.

The CWU campaigns nationally for workers in tech, telecoms, post and communications - offering legal support amongst other benefits, and providing a collective political voice for 190,000 workers.

Our Apple members also work closely with other unions that represent workers at Apple all over the world as part of a strong network of worker solidarity.

All workers have a right to join a union and your employer cannot discriminate against you for being a union member. All workers deserve a voice at their workplace and a say in their company’s working practices.

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