United Tech & Allied Workers

United Tech & Allied Workers

United Tech and Allied Workers is a branch of the Communication Workers Union which seeks to represent and fight for workers interests in the tech industry.

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Why join the union branch?

UTAW represents your interests in the workplace and protects you and other workers from overwork, underpay, poor working conditions, bullying bosses, and the innumerable exploitative practices of the tech industry.

As a member you can call on the union branch at any time to help you get the rights you want in your workplace, to advise and support you in workplace grievances, or to enforce your existing legal protections.

As a union branch we will fight for worker control of the technology industry with an aim to end the exploitation and oppression of all peoples.

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How does it work?

UTAW in its organisation collectivises the small amount of power each worker has in their workplace into a force capable of meeting the boss's power in every workplace. The union branch responsibly wields worker power to fight for our interests - by negotiating agreements with employers, providing legal support, and if necessary, mobilising workers to take part in direct action.

What does UTAW believe?

We believe that workers need to look out for each other and stand together to curb the exploitative nature of tech companies and venture capital. This includes our own exploitation as tech workers, as well as the exploitation of other workers and oppressed peoples. The union branch understands that the exploitation enacted by tech companies is a subset of the exploitation enacted by a speculative global economy driven by the search for obscene profits for the very few. Therefore, our fight is interlinked and in support of the struggles of the working class, wherever they are oppressed.

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Who is eligible to join UTAW?

UTAW represents all tech workers:

If you develop or deploy technology, regardless of your employer’s industry. If your workplace is owned by a tech company, or if your labour is a necessary part of a tech companies' operation. If you are studying to work in tech or you educate others in technology. We encourage you to join us.

From developers and project managers to cleaners, couriers, and warehouse assistants, UTAW will fight for your interests. Together we are stronger and as a union branch we act for the improvement of every members conditions.

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Become a member

If you're a UK based tech industry worker you can join via our parent union CWU.

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If you're a UK based tech industry worker and you wish to be involved in the organisating of the union branch, or are just curious, please become a supporter.