United Tech & Allied Workers at Apple

United Tech & Allied Workers at Apple

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't we already have the ERT?

We do, but the ERT doesn't have any legal right to negotiate on policy and is only able to discuss changes. ERT meeting agendas are decided by management, and often represent the needs of the company not the workers.

Do I have to pay to be a member?

Yes, unions have a subscription fee, though ours is one of the cheapest nationally. These subscriptions help support national campaigns, pay for legal support for members who need it, and ensure union reps are available to support and negotiate with us.

Why put negotiations in the hands of a third party?

UTAW@Apple is made up of Apple Employees including those in this store, it is not a third party, it is us with the support and know-how of a nationally recognised union.

isn't Apple already giving us a pay rise?

Yes, but it is unlikely to keep up with inflation, which has gone up by 12% already this year. Apple is a 2 Trillion dollar company that sees increasing profits and continued growth, and can afford to do more.

Will I lose my job or damage my career prospects by joining?

No, it's illegal to be discriminated against for being a union member. If you are discriminated against, as a branch of the CWU, we have lawyers and they specialise in winning workplace disputes.

Will Apple find out if I join?

No, your membership is private and is only known by you and your union.

Why should I join, when others can join and bring about the change for me?

we need to be recognised by Apple officially, and to achieve this we need a majority of the team joined. In addition, only union members receive direct legal support and other benefits from the union.

We're in this together, as a union, not to cause trouble, but to make Apple a better, safer, happier place to work. Somewhere that we can be proud of, where the company collaborates directly with its staff and is a home to fulfilling, positive, longterm careers.

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